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8 Ways to Best Complete Vendor Security Questionnaires

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James Boyle

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Vendor security or infosec (short for information security) questionnaires have become increasingly common and burdensome for technology vendors. Companies send these questionnaires to assess the security policies and procedures of their technology vendors. They have become more prevalent due to the rise in data breaches and the need for companies to ensure the security of their data.

Cybersecurity programs, government regulations, industry-specific regulations, and cybersecurity insurance providers often require these questionnaires. These questionnaires are crucial for SaaS startups, in particular as they help customers evaluate the risks associated with using their products or services.

Understanding Vendor Security Questionnaires:

  • These questionnaires vary in title, structure, and length but serve the same purpose.
  • They cover topics such as cybersecurity policies, organizational security, physical security, communication operations, incident response, security by design, and access control.

How to Respond to an InfoSec Questionnaire:

  1. Break down the questionnaire: Scan the questions, identify "not applicable" topics, and narrow down the number of questions.
  2. Reference your risk assessment: Assess the risks involved for your company and determine the scope of the questionnaire.
  3. Clarify the questions: Seek clarification from the customer if any questions seem vague or unclear.
  4. Provide comprehensive answers: Break down complex questions into parts and address each component thoroughly.
  5. Address gaps in security controls: If your company lacks specific security controls, develop a remediation plan to address them within a set timeframe.
  6. Reusing questionnaire answers: Typically, questionnaires cannot be reused, but keeping track of previous responses can help in answering new questionnaires.
  7. Certification and compliance: Compliance with frameworks like SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST 800 171, or CIS can support your security measures and help in answering questionnaires.
  8. Tips for future questionnaires: Keep answers concise, provide only the required information, be honest about strengths and weaknesses, involve knowledgeable team members, allocate sufficient time, and maintain open communication with the customer.

Preparing for vendor security questionnaires and streamlining the process is crucial for technology vendors. While they may be time-consuming and challenging, ensuring compliance and addressing security gaps can help build trust with customers and protect your business from potential consequences.

Streamline Vendor Security Questionnaires and Establish Enterprise-Level Security Programs with Carbide

At Carbide, we understand the challenges that startups face when answering vendor security questionnaires. We offer comprehensive assistance in navigating these questionnaires and ensure accurate and robust responses. Moreover, we go beyond questionnaires by helping startups establish a strong enterprise-level security program. With our human expertise and guidance, startups can confidently address security concerns, meet compliance requirements, and build a solid foundation for their security program. Talk to Carbide’s team to learn how they help safeguard your business from day one.

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